Saturday, 19 May 2012

Melbourne's iconic corner

The corner of  Flinders Street and Swanston Street with 4 well known buildings is one of the most iconic corners in the city of Melbourne.

On the south west corner sits Flinders Street Station famous as a meeting point as people arrange to meet under the clocks at the Station's entrance. Its also one of the oldest stations in Australia. The current building opened in 1910 replacing the original building which was circa 1854. 

Currently an international design competition is being developed to re-energise the station and its surrounds whilst making sure integral heritage features are maintained. Prize pool is $1m  Competition site

One of the amazing parts of this building is a large and beautiful ballroom which was once used for elaborate dances which is now derelict. Image of the ballroom

On the north west corner is Young & Jacksons Hotel, previously known as the Princess Bridge Hotel it has been a meeting place since 1861.

Famous for its nude painting of Chloe the hotel has been restored and refurnished and now combines a boutique bar with a and classic pub.

On the north east corner is St Patrick's Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Utilised for regular worship and prayer since 1868 the Cathedral was designed by William Wardell in the Gothic Revival style.

The Cathedral has a highly regarded organ with exceptional acoustics which is popular with leading musicians and choral groups.

On the south east corner sits Federation Square a radically modern building in defiance to its 3 historic neighbours.  Designed as a new civic square construction began in 1998.  During its construction and still today there is controversy over the design. Many hate the Fractal Facade with its 3 surfaces of zinc, glass and  sandstone. Others admire the interlocking and cascading spaces and how the buildings open at all angles into the city, creating unexpected connections and vistas.

Federation Square is home to major cultural attractions, world-class events and the modern piazza has become the city’s meeting place.

Within the Square are specialty stores, restaurants, bars and the Ian Potter Centre which is part of the National Gallery of Victoria housing a collection of Australian art.

Performing inside Federation Square

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