Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Victoria's Indigenous Culture

Australia’s Indigenous Cultural History is recognized worldwide and Victoria contributes an amazing amount to that history.  Hidden along the Great Ocean Road and through Western Victoria and into the Grampians are a number of fantastic places to learn about this culture.

Narana Creations Geelong
At Narana you can purchase Indigenous Art, eat in the cafe or experience Yingally Wor Ark where you will learn how plants were used for food and medicines, see a didgeridoo demonstration, learn how to throw a boomerang (weather permitting) and taste Indigenous food   For more information Narana Creations

Cape Otway
The Cape Otway Lightstation have developed an Indigenous Tour where you will hear of the relationship the Gadubanud people shared with the sea and how they were able to catch an abundance of sea life and use it as a mainstay of their food. Also see the amazing roundhouse, based on the type of structure they built to shelter them from the elements in this sometimes harsh environment. Cape Otway Lightstation

Tower Hill

A significant site of the Gunditj Mara people Tower Hill is a nature reserve which includes a natural history centre staffed by Indigenous workers. You can experience the amazing crater created more than 30,00 years ago, enjoy magnificent scenery, see Australian birds and animals in their natural habitat and learn about local Indigenous culture. The centre also sells a range of art and craft created by local Indigenous artists. Worn Gundidj

Gunditj Mirring 

Near Heywood  join a tour with Budj Bim and you will be amazed as you visit sites that housed whole communities of people, a people we thought to be nomadic. See how they used local stone to build fish traps and aquaculture systems to ensure an ongoing food supply. Visit the Lake Condah Mission where local Aboriginals were sent to keep them from their traditional lands and hear about the harshness of their life.  Visit the site of Budj Bim (Mt Eccles) and learn of the creation time and how Budj Bim and the Gunditjmara people are related. 

Gariwerd (The Grampians)
Head into the Grampians and you can visit ancient Indigenous art sites and learn the meaning behind some of the art at the Brambuk Cultural Centre . You can also see a number of short films to learn about Bunjil the creation spirit of these people.  The centre also has a range of books, crafts and food produce. 

Visions of Victoria image

If you're interested in taking this journey and seeing the iconic sites of the Great Ocean Road and Grampians along the way join our 4 day Indigenous tour

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