Friday, 2 August 2013

A road less travelled .... Part 2 ..... Flinders Ranges to Marree

Today we are heading for Marree where the Oodnadatta track and the Birdsville Track meet. On the way out of the Flinders Ranges we drive through Bunaroo Gorge and Brachina Gorge.  These two gorges are fantastic examples of what nature can create if she is given enough time.

Over periods of time ranging to 600 million years ago this ancient mountain range has weathered away to leave us with some of the most magnificent scenery.The gorges and valleys are just beautiful and its hard to find the words to describe them. 


Fossils of sea creatures exist in the rock face as evidence of when this area was a sea bed.  We stopped at one of our regular spots and were incredibly lucky to be rewarded with a sighting of a yellow footed rock wallaby as he tried to hide from us on the rock face. 

Once out of the gorges we hit the bitumen and drove into Parachilna and stopped at the Prarie  Hotel for  a welcome drink. This quirky pub advertises road kill (kangaroo, wallaby and emu) on the menu!

Our next stop was Leigh Creek where we refuelled then travelled towards Lyndhurst where we planned to visit Talc Alf. Alf is an artist who specialises in carving talc stone. His works are unique and some are for sale. He is an amazing person with a wonderful philosophy on life and it would be easy to spend lots of time listening but we need to move on.

We stop at the Ochre Pits on the way and are amazed at the colours in the cliff face. The site is significant as the ochre was traded with Indigenous people from great distances for many different items. 

Next we stop at the ruins of a town called Farina. When you see the ruins its hard to believe this town was still around in 1950. Certainly makes you realise what time and the harsh outback conditions can do.

Its great to see it taking shape as a tourist attraction with great information boards and a good camp area with toilets and showers. 

From Farina Station we head to Marree and set up camp just in time to enjoy a stunning sunset and head to the hotel to enjoy a lovely meal and chat with some of the locals.

Stay tuned for more....

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