Saturday, 25 November 2017

Wildflowers in the Grampians

With the coming of October and the warm spring weather the Grampians transform into an amazing wonderland of beautiful native wildflowers. The beauty and diversity of wildflowers found amongst the stunning sandstone Grampians attracts many locals and visitors alike. 

To celebrate, every year on the first weekend of October, Halls Gap hosts the Grampians Wildflower Walkabout in the Flora Botanic Gardens where guests are treated to guided walks; introducing them to the various species in the area and sharing knowledge of how the indigenous people used a variety of them.

This is not the only way to experience the wildflowers as the flowers can be seen throughout the National Park. Our 2 and 3 day tours will take you through some astounding scenery where you will see the vast fields of flowers and get a chance to take pictures up close. You can enjoy the flowers whilst also enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the ancient Grampians at locations such as Boroka Lookout, Reids Lookout and the Balconies.

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